Sam was referred to the CRS, as he wanted to work towards setting up home with his girlfriend.

The rehabilitation focused on independent living and used cognitive strategies to support Sam’s poor memory and organisational skills.

Although initially reluctant to enter into the rehabilitiation process as he didn’t think it would help him, Sam now admits “I’m a changed man!  After 2½ years my life is very different… and I like it! I’m extremely happy with the rehab and the way it’s changed me!

His OT helped him to increase his independence with everyday activites, for example paying bills, managing his budget, safety, cooking and washing.

Having now achieved his goals, Sam has been discharged from the CRS.  He is living with his girlfriend in his own home, and would thoroughly recommend rehabilitiation to others who have had a brain injury: “Yeah definitely, because I don’t think I could have done it without their help”.

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