Tom was involved in a near fatal road accident in 1998. He suffered a very severe brain injury, in addition to almost total paralysis, and spent over 5 years in hospitals and nursing care homes.

Anglia Case Management started working with Tom in 2000, when he was receiving 24/7 care in a nursing home. Tom’s activities were extremely limited, with most of his days spent in his room, rarely going out into the community; Tom’s ambition was to have his own home and to live in a non-institutional setting, regardless of his disabilities.

Assisting Tom to move into his own home, involved a huge amount of planning, organisation and liaison from his Case Manager at ACM.

Tom said “I would feel institutionalised if I was somewhere else”.

To enable Tom to move to, and remain in, his own home, the Case Manager:

  • Worked with the architect on extensive adaptations for his property;
  • Organised specialist equipment;
  • Resourced and selected a suitable vehicle;
  • Recruited and managed a large staff team working on a 24/7 basis;
  • Ensured that Tom’s staff are fully trained and supervised, and able to support him with his complex care requirements;
  • Helped him to organise his leisure activities, including a recent cruise.

ACM continue to work with Tom.

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