Amber was two years old when she was involved in a serious car accident; she received a traumatic brain injury. Amber’s physical, sensory and learning abilities were affected, and this gave rise to problems with mobility, speech, memory and behaviour.

Anglia Case Management started working with Amber and her family in 1998, and since then, the Case Manager has:

  • Provided support and expert advice to Amber and her family;


  • Worked with an Architect and Occupational Therapist to help the family find and adapt a new home;
  • Organised therapy to improve Amber’s mobility, functional skills and speech;
  • Helped Amber’s family manage her extra care by recruiting Support Workers;
  • Arranged for Amber to attend a local special school;
  • Responded to other needs, such as help with holidays and leisure activities.

The future

The knowledge and expertise of the Case Manager has enabled Amber’s parents to face the future with optimism, and Amber’s future is much brighter than many thought initially possible.



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