Smart phones and tablets to aid rehabilitation

The CRS have recently launched an initiative to help clients use mobile technologies to compensate for their impairments.


The use of Assistive Technology for Cognition (ATC) is becoming increasingly popular and successful in rehabilitation; many clients have pre-injury familiarity with smartphones and tablets, and find them easy to use and portable.


The CRS team  can recommend apps to clients, including some apps that have been specifically designed to help overcome cognitive problems and increase independence in everyday activities.


The aids and functions that ATC devices can provide include:

  •  alerts to redirect attention back to a task
  • reminders to perform tasks at a given time or attend appointments
  • micro-prompts to provide step-by-step prompts through specific tasks
  • navigation to increase access and safety in the community, and
  • storage and display of information to aid memory retrieval.


For more information, please contact Sue Stoten, the Manager of the Community Rehabilitation Service.


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