Meric Batili, Dip SW

Meric Bertili3Case Manager

Meric’s role at ACM is to provide bespoke case management input for adults with brain injuries, cerebral palsy, spinal injuries or other complex disabilities, who require care, support and rehabilitation. This involves:

• Assessment of the clients ongoing case management, care and rehabilitation needs;
• Coordinating services from the statutory and independent sector;
• Commissioning and managing rehabilitation;
• Developing bespoke support packages, which will include recruiting, training and managing support workers;
• Risk assessment and the development of risk management plans.

Meric has a range of experience working both in the community and in specialist rehabilitation units for clients with brain injury and other neurological disorders which underpins her work as a case manager. She has a good working knowledge of brain injury and how clients are similarly affected yet may have very different issues that need to be resolved. She values working as part of the multi-disciplinary team to ensure that holistic assessment of client needs is carried and the rehabilitation pathway addresses the needs, and manages the risks. Meric is a good communicator who is confident to take the lead when dealing with other agencies in the management of her clients care. She is a fluent in Turkish and has an excellent understanding of cultural diversity, and needs, having previously worked with asylum seekers, ensuring their well-being, and supporting them to adjust to their new environments following trauma. She is a strong advocate of her client’s rights and has a sound knowledge of statutory entitlements such as benefits, housing and social care in the community.

Meric is HCPC registered.

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