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Our Community Rehab Service can now deliver Interactive Metronome® Therapy to our clients to improve their cognitive and motor skills.

Interactive Metronome® is an innovative, evidence based, computer assessment and training programme.  It has three main aims:

  • To improve neural timing that impacts cognitive, motor, speech and academic performance
  • To build more efficient and synchronised connections between neural networks
  • To increase the brain’s efficiency, performance and ability to benefit from other rehabilitation.

Individuals who undergo a programme of Interactive Metronome® training can experience improvements in their sustained attention, working memory, processing speed and motor co-ordination.

The programme is delivered in the client’s home on a 1:1 basis by one of our IM® certified occupational therapists.  Each session lasts up to one hour and it is most effective when delivered 2-3 times a week; a course of treatment lasts between 6-8 weeks.

For further information on how Interactive Metronome® can be of benefit to you or a client, please contact ACM, or email


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