ACM Care Options

ACM Care Options is a new care agency, managed by ACM, which can provide specialist care for adults and children with complex disabilities.

ACM Care Options is able to work with both existing ACM clients and also those who are not yet clients.

ACM Care Options can be used to provide care when direct recruitment is not appropriate.


Why choose ACM Care Options?

  • You have the security of working with an established and respected Case Management company who have over 20 years’ experience of providing services to clients of all ages with complex disabilities.
  • ACM Care Options works closely with existing ACM services
  • ACM will be the employer of the support staff – relieving the fundholder of all employer responsibilities, insurance costs, payroll, tax and auto-enrolment responsibilities.
  • As the employer of staff ACM will deal with any employment issues that may arise.
  • Following a face to face meeting with the client (and family) a full proposal for the care package is provided, including a quote for the inclusive costs of all the support to be provided for the next 12 months.
  • ACM will recruit staff specifically to meet the clients’ needs and requirements, involving the client in the final selection process where desired.
  • ACM will ensure the support staff are suitably trained to meet all CQC regulatory and health and safety requirements.
  • ACM will manage the support staff in a proactive way ensuring they are supervised and trained appropriately so that they work to the highest of standards at all times.
  • ACM will continue to maintain its long standing commitment to ensuring that staff are well supported in the workplace and that they are rewarded with excellent pay rates and employment packages in recognition of their professionalism and high quality work. This will help with staff retention and the continuity of care.
  • Anglia Case Management has been continually registered with, and regulated by, the CQC since 2004, always with positive inspection outcomes.

To arrange a client assessment and comprehensive quote for care, or just to find out more about what we can offer please email or call her on 01359 271900.

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