Immediate Needs Assessment

Anglia Case Management has many years of experience in the assessment of individuals following serious accident or injury and can provide detailed immediate needs reports and recommendations under the Rehabilitation Code of Best Practice.

We are familiar with taking instructions under joint agreement from both the claimant’s solicitor and the insurer. This approach ensures that assessment and identification of need is provided at the earliest opportunity and the injured party has access to rehabilitation and support at the outset. It is widely accepted that early intervention can achieve the best outcomes, improving the chances of people recovering, returning to independence and where possible to gainful employment.


What do we do ?

Instructions under the Rehabilitation Code will request that an experienced specialist Case Manager or therapist assess the client under a number of specific headings, including the following:

  • Current medical status, health issues, details of injuries;
  • Functional level in daily living skills;
  • Cognitive, emotional and mood issues;
  • Immediate care and support needs;
  • Rehabilitation requirements;
  • Equipment needs;
  • Accommodation;
  • Family and social situation;
  • Employment.

We will visit the client and/or family in their own home and conduct a structured interview on the above topics.

How quickly can the assessment be done?

We can usually visit within 2-3 weeks and complete a report shortly afterwards. The report will contain recommendations and costs, if specific therapies or equipment and support are required.

What happens next?

Agreement to implement the recommendations will need to be made with the fund holder and the client. As soon as possible thereafter rehabilitation and case management can commence, with the Case Manager and specialist therapists being introduced where required.



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