Congratulations Emma on completing the PDP!

Emma Henty, one of our CYP Case Managers, who has just completed the ACM in-house Professional Development Programme.

All new Case Managers take part in the 2 year PDP, which incorporates taught sessions every 3 months with follow up study.  Topics covered include working with other professionals, working with deputies, goal setting and client engagement, and safeguarding.

Emma said:  “One of the key attractions that prompted me to apply for a role at ACM was the PDP,  because I had had no previous CM experience prior to embarking on this career move. 

 Each PDP module has offered an occasion to stop and take check of the various situations that I had worked through; those ones that were ongoing, and the tasks and issues I could foresee approaching.  The class-based discussions offered a place to learn from others; always generated reflection and in combination with the written tasks, certainly shaped my professional development and the way I approach tasks.  So, thank you and long may the PDP continue throughout the chain from newbie CM into senior level.  The PDP holds much worth in promoting learning and development”