Heart warming gifts for a client

One of our clients “D” lives in a nursing home, and loves to go shopping, being out and about, and spending time with people.   But D has found it hard during lock-down, as she is kept safe in her room every day, despite her mum skyping her each day, and her Case Manager Karen Patient skyping her weekly.  As lock-down continued, Karen could see a lowering in D’s mood, and irritability creeping in.

Karen and D’s mother were talking about how excited D gets when a clothes order arrives, which has been chosen by her, and ordered online by her mother, and Karen had an idea: she wanted to send D a small surprise gift each week for the remainder of lock-down to lift her spirits – something low cost but meaningful to her.

The first order was an Eeyore-shaped word art, with words that Karen hoped would make D smile and reflect upon different times. “Laughter, good friend, stylish, clothes, tidy, pink, lilac, magic boxes, Eeyore, cheeky, funny, independent, proud mum, loving daughter, laughter, fun, kind.”

The second order was a heart-shaped wall hanging, and the third was a bracelet which D also loved. The fourth is yet to be decided!

Karen said “I’m so pleased – when I talked to D about the arrival of parcels her eyes lit up, and she spoke of how excited she gets, and how much she looks forward to their arrival. It has really lifted D’s mood.”