Honorary BABICM Fellowships

At the recent BABICM annual conference, we were delighted to celebrate Caroline Ferber and Pam Bunting’s Honorary BABICM Fellowships.

Pictured alongside Caroline and Pam, from left to right, are Jackie Dean, Jackie Parker,  Caroline, Mark Holloway, Cathy Johnson, Angela Kerr, Vicki Gilman, Pam and Jo Clarke Wilson.

Sue Stoten said, “I am thrilled that Caroline and Pam’s contributions to BABICM and Case Management have been formally acknowledged. They were both instrumental in establishing Case Management in the UK and for ensuring that it is a well regulated and reputable industry, working for the best interests of all clients.  It was a joy to celebrate with them, and others from the ACM team.”

Caroline established Anglia Case Management in 1998, and was Managing Director until she stepped back in 2018.  She also worked as a Case Manager and Care Expert.  Pam Bunting joined ACM in 2004, working as a Case Manager and Care Expert until her retirement in 2019.