Liam Pettitt
MBPsS, Msc, Bsc (Hons)

Assistant Case Manager

ACM was always held in high regard when I was working as a rehabilitation support worker at Fen House. I enjoy working with challenging clients; the people with the interesting backstories, their lifestyles and risk taking.  Fen House was a good fit with my University studies in Psychology and my interest carried forward onto my Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology; and the cross-over between Brain Injury and Criminality went hand-in-hand.

As I was promoted from support worker to Team Leader, it became harder to get a good balance between the responsibilities of the role, line manging staff, coordinating the care and spending time with the clients.

At ACM I have achieved the balance I wanted, where I have the ability to see my clients through there their rehabilitation and recovery.  I have time with clients and their support workers; and work with supporting clients through their positives and negatives, setting and achieving goals, and supporting both them and their support workers to move forward.