Vicky Moss
MA (Social Work)

Senior Case Manager, Care Expert

My background is in social work and I have worked with clients with complex disabilities including neurological conditions, brain injuries and autistic spectrum disorders throughout my entire working career.  I am very passionate about client centred and systemic practice and work hard to consider the individual needs of each of my clients and their families and the best ways to meet them.  I have had many highlights during my time at ACM, some of the recent highlights include supporting one of my clients to commence a trial of independent living and supporting a teenage client to trial some technology which may enable him to “drive” his own powered wheelchair and allow him a level of independence that he has not previously had.

I enjoy working at ACM because there is such a supportive team with a wealth of experience that is always shared.  Creative thinking and positive risk taking is supported and encouraged to support our clients to achieve the lives and opportunities that they deserve. There is never a sense of feeling constrained by the “norm”.