Wendy Wilcock
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy

Senior Neuro Occupational Therapist, Care Expert

I am a senior Neuro Occupational Therapist providing assessment and intervention for clients in the community who have sustained major life changing injuries.  I have worked in the field of traumatic brain injury for over 10 years.

During my time at ACM I have had opportunity to develop rehabilitation programmes for a wide range of clients, including those who are adapting to new ways of living a full life after dual diagnosis of TBI and spinal cord injury.  I look holistically at the needs of the client, where there are physical adjustment and rehabilitation needs including wheelchairs and posture management, cognitive rehabilitation, housing adaptation needs and re-engagement in activities of daily living and vocational opportunities along with the provision of ongoing psychological support with adjustment.

I enjoy working as part of the in-house rehab team and as part of the wider MDT.