Rehabilitation from ACM is delivered by the Community Rehabilitation Service, who work with adult clients to help them to achieve a greater level of independence at home, in their workplace, or in the community.

The Neuro Occupational Therapists work with clients in their own environment because research has shown that “real life” rehabilitation has greater benefits and value than clinic based rehabilitation.

After an assessment, individual hands-on therapy programmes are developed, which could include:

  • Daily living skills (eg. shopping, cooking or cleaning);
  • Structured weekly activities;
  • Leisure activities;


  • Assisting clients to return to work;
  • Equipment recommendations and provision;
  • Home adaptation;
  • Strategies to improve memory and cognitive functions;
  • Anger management;
  • Fatigue management;
  • Role adjustment; and
  • Anxiety and stress management.

To date the service has helped clients to move into their own accommodation, reduce their reliance on support, improve their interpersonal skills, and enjoy an increased range of leisure activities.  Some clients have been able to return to work.

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