Star gazing

This is our client T, whose interest in astronomy has been inspired by Gary, one of his support workers.   Gary and T’s team, managed to set up a telescope and mobile phone so that T could star gaze and see the moon.

Gary said “As usual ‘thinking out of the box’ for covid safe activities I’d shown T some of my astrophotography pics and had shown him the moon while on shift and he really got into it!  So I asked him if he’d like me to bring in a telescope so he could have a closer look and he indicated yes instantly.  I have a smartphone adapter which allows a view without having to look down the eyepiece (not something that T could manage safely) and gives a bigger clearer image and real-time movement. When I connected it all up and showed T the full moon he was actually beside himself and really enjoyed the fact that he could see the moon moving across the screen.  Only a simple thing but it definitely opens a whole new vista for T to enjoy 👍👍.”

T’s favourite picture was of the moon and its now printed and hanging in his bedroom.