Supporting one of our young clients in lockdown

L is one of our CYP clients and his case manager Zoe, along with his family, have been managing and coordinating his support and therapies during the coronavirus pandemic.

L’s only support worker is pregnant and currently isolating, but she is still providing him with two “virtual” support sessions a day, which he is really enjoying.  They have been working on projects such a building models, storytelling and maths quizzes. L appears calm and often reports being in his “green zone” of regulation at the end of a support session.

L was really worried about the pandemic and so his Clinical Psychologist, provided two telephone support sessions to L and his family and gave them strategies for everyone to use to keep perspective and stay safe.  The Clinical Psychologist will continue to see L for weekly sessions, via Zoom.

L has had virtual speech therapy, and is working with his support worker to prepare L for using public transport, going through the planning and communication needed to do so. Virtual speech therapy is continuing fortnightly. L states he is enjoying these “conference calls”.

L has also been engaging in virtual yoga and has loved it. He is now doing 20 minutes of yoga every night before bed using YouTube videos by ‘cosmic kids’.  L is sleeping better and not entering his parents’ bedroom at night – something he does when he is anxious.

Zoe, who is L’s case manager, said “I have always been absolutely delighted to be able to support L and work with his amazing family and team. However their brilliance is shining through more than ever at this difficult time.”